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Search Legit, Legal ways to work from home in a Christian environment. 
We help women better their lives by..........
Being a mom to her kids when they come home from school.
Being a mom and stay home with her small children. #goodbyedaycare

Help a wife supplement her husband's income so he does not have to get a 2nd job.
Help a daughter take care of an elderly parent.
Allow a student to help pay for college.
Help a mom take care of her special needs child.

and basically any reason you can think of. We are here to help you...............
We teach, guide and direct you to a successful home business

Are you considering a career change? Do you want to work from home and start making a difference in your families life rather than help your boss have an amazing life? Do you want to bring your spouse home so they don't have to worry about that 2nd job? Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? And the list of reasons goes on and on.

We all dream of a different lifestyle. We have so much to be thankful for but for most families, they can't enjoy each other because it cost so much to live. Mom and Dad's working full-time jobs, children in daycare. Stress beyond want a normal person can handle. Not being able to afford to travel and have fun. Why do we put ourselves through all this?

Most don't realize there is a way out. There are companies out there that can allow an average woman (mom) to work from home, and make a 6 or 7 figure income. Yes, a real 6 figure income  ($100,000 or $1,000,000) or 7 figure income for those who work really hard, and an extra $500 or more for those who just want to do it spare time/part time.

You just have to find what works for you. Find something you will love, and you will never work another day in your life. You need to ask yourself this;

Do you want to sell a product or not sell a product?
Do you want to have inventory or no inventory?
Do you want to do home parties or no home parties?
Do you want to help others work with you or No?
Do you want to make $500 to $1500 a month or more?

Before you start searching you need to write down things you are looking for. Then click here to start searching through the over 100 companies that are approved for this site. They are all legit, and legal companies. Most will require a start-up fee. That fee will depend on the company. 

How much money do you need each month to change your life? 

If you could start making that your first month would this be worth your time? Well, I think that the answer is self-explanatory.  So enjoy searching for a home business. Remember to get your checklist before searching and then enjoy checking out all the companies we have listed on this site for you.

Each company listed has a rep that is working this business and can help you get started, teach you how to work your business and be there to guide you to success. If the company you are interested in does not have a rep listed please click here to contact Christian Women Networking.     And we pray that you will reach success and enjoy the blessings that God has so graciously allowed you to have.

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Change your path now and choose a business that is a companion business and you can work anywhere. 

These women have. Read success stories of real women, who have chosen to better their lives with a home business. 
Judy Sasser
Penny Blevins
Susan Saling
My name is Susan Saling.  My husband Bill and I live in Carthage, Missouri.  Bill was a High School Principal before he retired and I was a stay at home Mom.
To the outside world, I'm sure we appeared to be the perfect “Leave it to Beaver” family … doing well.  But behind the scenes,...

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